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exponetial offers Internet Marketing Consulting and Services

Why is that unique? We are not a search engine optimization company, and don't classify ourselves as an internet branding or advertising agency. While we create and manage successful and profitable campaigns in each of these areas, and many more, our strategies and practices are not limited to any one method

Our internet marketing consultants have specialized knowledge in multiple industries. To ensure an opportunity is never overlooked, even tightly focused campaigns are executed with the big picture in mind.

Our Internet Marketing Strategy and the exponetial Philosophy

Successfully marketing a website is a holistic process. The internet did not become popular due to one medium. Email, websites, and yes, search engines all play a role. Web 2.0 companies are introducing improved ways to interact with a global, growing user base. On a daily basis, technology changes and introduces new - or somewhat different - tools to connect with your audience.

Connecting with your audience remains key.  Top 10 rankings are not an internet marketing strategy. 10,000 hits a day is not an internet marketing strategy. 100 guaranteed links are not an internet marketing strategy. After all the buzzwords are gone, the technology simplified, and the process broken down into easy to follow steps the question remains: are you connecting?

That's what our internet marketing strategy is all about. Connecting you with the person searching for more information on the product or service you've been passionate about before a thing called the internet even existed (SEO Search Engine Optimization and PPC Pay Per Click Advertising). Connecting your name, your brand, with the emotions of your users (Internet Branding & CPM Marketing Initiatives).  Connecting your offerings with marketers who spread the word to their own receptive devotees (Affiliate Marketing Program Development).  Connecting with your existing customers and prospects on a regular basis (Email Marketing). Connecting the dots, to learn more about what makes people visit or leave, checkout or abandon, return daily or never come back (Web Marketing Analytics).

A user friendly, easy to find site that delivers more traffic that is increasingly receptive to your products, services and information is a byproduct of the connection. That strategy is kept in mind with every campaign we build.

About Us

exponetial is a team of Internet Marketing Consultants and specialists with diverse experience in programming, design, communications, and not least, marketing. We have a thorough understanding of the technology that powers successful online marketing campaigns, and a deep-rooted foundation in fundamental marketing principles. exponetial approaches each project, whether narrow or broad in scope, with the mindset that it should help the site move closer to the full potential of the web.

The exponetial leadership team has a combined 10 years of experience providing professional level internet marketing services and strategies. As technology advances, and an industry begins to mature, our commitment to helping out clients maximize their web presence remains the same.

exponetial Internet Marketing Consulting offers clients clear thinking, and immediately actionable blueprints for building successful marketing and advertising campaigns. From personal successes, and failures, we have hands on knowledge of what works, why, and how our clients can implement the same strategies and steps to improve the results of their web presence.

About the name

Exponential is synonymous with constant increases. While it may be possible to count the number of ways to connect with an audience, we feel the web offers a vast amount of opportunity for creating, developing and maintaining a presence. A presence for products, companies, causes, organizations, information, personalities... The list keeps growing, and we plan to provide services and products that grow with it.  If exponential describes the potential for growth, exponetial is the potential of the web.