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A good search engine optimization strategy can be one of the best internet marketing investments for a site.

With no cost per click, user or visitor, listings under targeted keywords can be a continuous source of free, targeted visitors. According to October 2006 comScore reports, American internet users conducted 6.8 billion searches. In the UK, Google recently edged out Microsoft sites to become the most visited UK web property. In nearly every city and town across the globe, users are turning to search engines for all types of information.

More than a report, our Search Engine Optimization Blueprint provides you with an in depth, step-by-step plan that details everything you need to do to get your website ranking for targeted keyword searches. Beyond a link list, or competitive analysis, the blueprint offers a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy Blueprint

Ten years ago search engine optimization was as simple as adding a few keywords to a META tag. Now, with everyone from one-man operations to large multi-national corporations realizing the necessity of search engines as a marketing channel, it can be tougher than ever to obtain high rankings for a website.

Skip the learning curve with a highly customized blueprint report that provides all necessary background information, as well as interpretation and a 90-day action plan for optimizing your site to achieve lasting, higher search engine rankings.


  • Which keywords to target immediately, which keywords to target over time

  • How to update existing content for higher rankings

  • What type of content to create on an ongoing basis, and where to submit it for maximum impact

  • How to create Meta tags that improve rankings, clicks and conversions

  • Which sites you need to have links from, and how to get them

  • Why your competitors are positioned ahead of you, and what you can learn from their strategy

  • Where your efforts should be focused

Breaking from the bullet points, you will receive an in depth search engine optimization strategy explaining exactly what to do to improve your site's rankings.

Each SEO Strategy blueprint includes the following:



Why is this important?

Keyword Research

Keyword Discovery

A list of keywords relevant to your site services or products, along with estimated search volume and estimated percentage of visitors your site could expect in the top positions for these keywords. Also includes positioning difficulty for each keyword. Positioning difficulty is determined by dividing the competing number of pages by estimated search volume.

Knowing which keywords to build your optimization efforts around is imperative. Choose the wrong keywords and you could have high rankings for obscure terms that never deliver any visitors. Or, you might spend months chasing top 10 rankings for terms which may take years to achieve. Our Keyword Discovery will help you identify the terms to target immediately, and those to target over time.

Current rankings in Google, Yahoo! and MSN for target keywords


A detailed report of exactly where your site appears in the search results for your targeted keywords

There's no way to measure the success of a search campaign if you don't know where you're starting. Beyond the top 10 or 20 results, we will search as deep as 500 results to give a very specific measure of where your site is now.

Site Strategy

Content Development Recommendations

A review of existing site content, and suggestions for modifications which would improve the rank of content in search engines. Also includes specific recommendations for new content and distribution instructions.

Content is king. That phrase has been mentioned in relation to search engine optimization in numerous articles, speeches and blogs. To be king though, you can't just have content, you need good content. Who decides what content is good? In search engine optimization, both search spiders and human visitors. Our Content Development Recommendations will account for robot and human traffic to help set your site apart as one with royally good content.

Meta Tag Review

Recommendations for improving the title, description and other appropriate tags to aid page focus

When search engines first came about, optimization could just be adding a few Meta tags to a page. While modern search engines use many more factors to rank pages, they do still pay attention to Meta tags. A site will not rank well on optimized tags alone, but can improve its rank by tweaking tags.

URL Review

Analysis and recommendations of specific methods to improve URL structure.

Certain URL structures are as good as telling search engine spiders to go away. All other things being equal, if a site with an unfriendly URL setup were competing with a site with a search friendly URL setup, the site with the search friendly URL would likely end up on top.

Link Strategy

Link Popularity

A report on the current amount of links indexed in major search engines. Includes anchor text of existing links, as well as the meta and title tags of link pages.

The sites with the best chance of ranking for competitive, high traffic terms are those with good content and good links. While King Content might do well on his own for low-competition terms, without Queen Links for medium to high competition terms, he will not get far. Our link popularity report will show how many sites are linking to yours, as well as the words they use to describe your link and the general theme of the page your link appears on.

Directory Submission List

A list of more than 100 directories to submit your site to, ranked by a listing value score. Listing value is determined by the age of the directory, number of sites linking to the directory and search accessibility of the directory. Also includes recommended title and description text and suggested category.

Directories can be a good place to start acquiring targeted links. However, all directories are not created equal. Human-edited, established directories which only list sites that closely relate to their categories are usually given more trust by search engines than automated directories. For that reason, the most valuable directories can be harder to get into, and once you have an entry it can take a very long time to make any changes. Our list includes recommendations so that your site listing is more likely to be approved, and maximize the value of a listing.

Link Seeker Site List

An extensive list of sites you should seek links from, ranked by link value. Link value is determined by the age of the site, number of backlinks to the site, and pages indexed. List is filtered to exclude cached and duplicate sites. Email contact information for each site is provided when available. Includes a sample contact email and recommendations for purchasing links.

The number of links is no longer as important as who you have links from. Do all of your links come from one site? Or worse, one site that no one else links to? Chances are those links won't count for much with the search engines. Our Link Seeker List provides you with a list of the sites who would provide you with the most beneficial links so that you're contacting the right people from the start.

Internal Link Analysis

A review of your internal link structure including anchor text and page name. Instructions on creating a search friendly site map.

Links from other sites aren't the only ones that matter. Optimizing the links within your own site can have an impact when it comes to ranking well.

Competitor Analysis

Top Ranked

An in depth analysis of the competing site which is consistently ranked above yours for key phrases.

If there is a website which consistently outranks yours in the search results for key phrases, this analysis will uncover content and link structures that lead search engines to believe they are more relevant.

Top Linked

Examines the competing site with the most links

While a website with quality links can beat one with a large quantity of mediocre links, it's worth examining the competing site with the most links to discover new targets for acquiring links.

Action Plan

90-day guide

An estimation of the time investment required to implement strategy recommendations along with a checklist.

The best research and recommendations in the world won't help your site unless you put them into place. Let our 90-day guide help set a schedule and goals so that your site starts achieving results. Depending on the amount of time invested, results can be achieved in less than 90 days.

One hour phone consultation

An internet marketing specialist will answer any questions about your customized blueprint during this time.

A high level of research and analysis goes into each section of the SEO blueprint. If you have any questions, or need clarification, an internet marketing specialist will speak with you to make sure your strategy can be put in place quickly.